posted by Robert Kotowski @ 7:41pm, Wednesday 8 January 2014.

We bought Korben toys, such as a train and some cars. All he is playing with right now is his sippy cup and a cardboard box. 

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posted by Robert Kotowski @ 3:08pm, Saturday 4 January 2014.

We went to tianenmen square today and the forbidden city and the great wall of china. Tianenmen Square is the largest village square in the world. The forbidden City was giant with 9999.5 rooms in it.  The outer floor is fifteen layers of stone and brick to make sure noone can burrow underneath. There were three different courtyards to go through till you made it to the center. The great wall was awesome it spans for more than one thousand miles long. We did not go nearly that far. The steps were quite steep and not even at all.  Some people were just bounding up and down them. Not us, we were clinging to the hand rails. 

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posted by Robert Kotowski @ 8:53am, Saturday 19 January 2013.

I was a little weirded out this morning as I checked my email to find a bill from Sprint. This was troubling because on the 5th we switched to Verizon. Luckily when I opened the bill it told me I owed nothing. Which in that case why send me a bill at all. I'll say it again...  Silly Sprint. 

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